Analytics and growth mindset


Articles are more in-depth explanations about concepts covered in Codecademy courses. Here you'll learn more about workflows that developers use every day, and take your coding skills to the next level.

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Python for Data Analyst: Self-paced Learning Roadmap

  I drew 2 diagrams that will help you if you are a novice data analyst and decide to learn Python on your own.     Abou...

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🔥Free Data analyst Job Simulations with certificate

  From the author of the Telegram channel Analytics and Growth Mind-set. (Subscribe, there are lots of useful resources here for d...

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🔥 20 Step-by-Step Data Analysis Projects with Python Code

  Below are popular data analysis projects from Kaggle, Github, and Medium users.   They will:   Inspire you for your own data an...

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Free Data Analytics Course with Certificate

  Join my Telegram channel for useful advice for data analysts: Think Broadly. is a platform with completely free...

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👨‍💻 5 Platforms to Get Your First Experience as a Data Analyst

  What is IT volunteering? It's about helping non-profit organizations that can't afford to hire IT specialists for tasks like da...

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🔥 19 Step-by-step Data Analysis Projects with SQL

    Below are popular data projects from Kaggle, GitHub and Medium and YouTube. They will: - Help you gain skills in working with...

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🤓 How to Prepare for a Data Analyst Interview?

  For example, take a mock interview or at least watch one. A mock interview is a practice interview that closely mimics a real o...

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👨‍💻 3 Free Services for Practicing SQL and Python

    When you start learning SQL and Python, you need lots of practice. It's great if you have real tasks at work, but if not, I r...